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Sunita Yadav (Police) Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Education & Facts

Sunita Yadav is a breve lady cop who is posted in the Surat; A diamond city of Gujarat. She came into limelight after taking strict action to the son of local MLA named Kumar Kanani.

Sunita Yadav Police
Sunita Yadav Police

Sunita Yadav Age

A lady police officer from Surat was born in 1992 and is 29 years old as of 2020. She belongs to the Hindu family of Gujarat.

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Sunita Yadav is a female police constable who works under Gujarat Police Department. She was born and brought up into the middle-class and caring family of Gujarat, India. Sunita has completed her schooling and graduation locally from the state. After graduation, she started preparing for the social service.

Sunita Yadav

Family, Caste & Religion

Police officer Sunita Yadav was born in 1992 into the Gujarati speaking family of Gujarat, India. Not much known about her parents or siblings.

Husband & Marriage

According to information, Sunita Yadav is married and lives with the family in Surat, Gujarat, India.


After graduation, Sunita Yadav joined the Gujarat Police Department after completing all the written and practical exam. Next, police constable got posted in the Surat district of South Gujarat.

She got news headline after heated indecent happened at Mangadh Chowk, Mini Bazar, Surat. According to reports, when Sunita was on duty and a car full of five-person passed from the Mini Bazar at around 10:30 PM.

A lady constable stopped the car due to the violation of lockdown rules. The person from a car got heated arguments with the constable and he called his friend Prakash Kanani who is a son of the Health Minister of Gujarat, “Kumar Kanani.”

The lady constable got a heated verbal fight with Prakash for violation of the curfew as well as for using a car of his father. Both of them started using abusive words and Prakash threatened her to remove from a job, He also added that he has the power to stand her for 365 days at the same place.

After the incident, the Minister’s son took back-foot and apologies for his mistake. Also, Kumar Kanani stated that his son was on the way to help his relative who was admitted to the hospital. Kumar Kanani also got trolled for stating “I don’t know” on asking about the incident on media.

The indecent went viral and as the result higher police officials got inquiry for it.

Facts of Sunita Yadav

According to rumours, Sunita gave his resignation letter for the job to the Surat Police. However, there is not much clear information available about it.

Sunita Yadav got huge fame of social media like Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, the audio clips, as well as video clip, went on viral over the intenet.

Most of the people praise her for the bravery and strict action. There are also many people who have a different point of view regarding her act.

The lady police stated that she has stopped the group of people who were driving by a car which has violated the rule of lockdown. She also added that they didn’t wear masks.

She also stated that, police have authority to stop even a respected prime minister of India. Moreover, Lady officer gave strong replay to the son of minister that,

“I am not a slave or a servant of your father that he can make me stand here for 365 days. “

Many known people have reacted on the indecent including Hindustani Bhau and Master Shifuji. Grand-master Shifuji also shared a video in favour of lady constable Sunita Yadav. He also urged people to raise voice for the insult of police dress as well as the post.

Many people started making conversion about the incident and many hashtags became trending on twitter including #supportsunitayada and #sunitayadav.

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