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Drone Prathap Wiki, Age, Family, Education, Awards, Biography & Facts

Prathap NM is a young scientist from India who became known as “Drone Prathap.” He received several honours and awards internationally after his claim of building more than 600 drones out of waste. His name came into news after several allegations made for his fake claim.

Drope Prathap
A young scientist Drope Prathap

Drone Prathap (ಡ್ರೋನ್ ಪ್ರತಾಪ್) Age

A known drone scientist, Drone Prathap was born on Saturday. 10 January 1998 (age 22 years as in 2020). His zodiac sign is Libra.

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Prathap is a very bright student who has a special interest in aerodynamic engineering. His original name is Prathap NM but became very famous with the name “Drone Prathap.” He belongs to an average family of a farmer from Nitakal Village of Southern India. Prathap is very bright in the study and has done schooling from Rotary School of his hometown. Next, he did a bachelor of science from JSS College of Arts and Commerce of Mysuru. His passion for making flying machine led him to success.

Family, Caste & Religion

An intelligent boy Prathap NM belongs to the average family of Mandya district of Karnataka. His father Marimadaiah is a farmer by profession and her mother Savitha is a housewife. Not much known about his siblings or other family members.

Prathap NM follows Hinduism and holds Indian citizenship/nationality. In addition, he spent most of his childhood with family at his hometown and then travelled to a different part of India as well as the world for further study.

Girlfriend, Marriage & Relationship

A scientist Drone Prathap is not married yet and holds a single relationship status. Currently, he is focusing on the bright career of making drones.

Body Appearance

Height (approx): 5′ 5″ Feet Inches

Weight (approx): 55 Kg

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Tattoo: None


Since childhood, Prathap NM is very bright in study and rich in thinking. At the age of 14, Prathap got interested in drones and decided to make it own. He also told that he used to walk 16 Km daily to earn money INR 20.

Prathap made his first drone at the age of 16. Innovative thing is, he made the drones from the wastes of tv, juice maker and other electronic stuff. According to news, he participated in a robot competition at the International Robot Exhibition in Japan. Prathap won the gold medal at the exhibition.

Drone Prathap Drones
Drone Prathap Drones

Drone Prathap also became a part of International Drone Expo held in Germany and won the Albert Einstein Innovation Gold Medal at Hanover. The same year, he got first place in CeBIT Drone Expo 2018.

In 2009, Prathap helped his during 2019’s flood in Karnataka. He made more than 600 drones which used to deliver food and relief material to the effective areas. He also invited from more than 87 countries to present different drones developed by him.

Drone Prathap in Kerala Flood
Drone Prathap in Kerala Flood

Prathap NM received huge appreciation nationwide for his achievement and became famous with the name “Drone Pratap.” He wants to open a startup where he can encourage bright student even who haven’t a degree.

Prathap NM speech

He has delivered his speeches at multiple universities and national level events.


Drone Prathap became a part of a controversy after several media and social personalities made allegations on his achievements. According to information, there are not such awards exists which he is claiming.

Many reports also claimed that there are no reports of any International Drone Expo held at Hanover. It means there is no such information available on single publishers too. There are many screenshots of mail are circulating on the internet.

Drone Prathap also claimed of building a drone showed by him in the photo. In reply, the owner of company BillzEye-Multi copter System Bill Gutbier told the shown drone is manufactured by them and Prathap was not part of it. Bill also asked him to clarify his statements clearly.


There are many clues are showed by the media reports regarding claims of drones. In a replay of all the allegations, Drone Prathap also shared a tweet.

Facts of Drone Prathap

Does Prathap smoke?: No

Does Prathap drinks alcohol?: Not Known

His major hobbies are traveling, making new things out of waste and making drones.

His idol is grate scientist and former president of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. \

Once, Prathap saved the life of a girl who was bitten by a deadly snake in a remote area. He immediately delivered an antivenom medicine by his drone in 8.5 minutes.

According to him, his drone Eagle 2.0 can files at a speed of 280 km/hr.

Prathap NM remains active on the different social media like Twitter and Instagram. His official Instagram is “droneprathap.”

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  1. This shows that how our media is so stupid that they did not verify a single fact about him! if at all there is something to pick, may be his Date of birth may be true! He has flunked in 3 subjects in B,Sc with single digit marks! He is not poor at all, lives in a posh apartment in Bangalore. He paid donation to join Engineering but could not pass a single subject and dropped out to Join B.Sc(BZ/C) He lied about all the prizes. Medals, Awards and even stalwarts in the fields believed it! He is a budding conman! Those who were conned were scientists, politicians, professors religious leaders, public and cheated a lot of money . Wikipedia should at least correct the information now!


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